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Microbiology Jobs

This is a list of the most recent/urgent jobs for Microbiology Jobs within the UK.

The list includes both temporary and permanent positions, noting their locations and approximate wage. For more details on Microbiology jobs please click the appropriate link from the list below.

Senior Scientist - Microbial Fermentation

PhD qualifed Fermentation Research Scientist required for project work involving laboratory scale up and technology transfer to full plant operations.

Microbiology Lab Supervisor

To manage daily the work of media and reagents preparation to ensure media are produced to a high quality, following manufacturer guidelines.

Microbiology Manager - Production & Manufacture

You will be running the consumables lab (making biological indicators - it is a hands on role) and leading a team of 3 people. You will need the right mix of hands on microbiology skills and a working knowledge of a / ...